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Meeting intelligent people is not as easy as you think huh? Especially if you are a woman, leaving your usernames on web or just using some popular dating apps can lead to an unending flow of "Hey" messages and "inappropriate images" in your inbox. And if you are a male, you will most probably get no replies to your messages because all the ladies you want to meet already have 50 unread "Hey" messages.

That's why we were working on an app that can filter irrelevant people, and help you meet strangers who share your interests.

On Watme, people have to play mini quiz games in order to see user profiles. But don't worry, a quiz usually takes less than 20 or 30 seconds.

During your sign up, we ask you about your interests. Let's say Anna loves rock music. If I want to see her profile, I have to pass a tiny quiz about "Rock Music". It's simple, and effective. You can also use Tinder-like Banana Mode to meet beautiful or handsome strangers online. All you need to do is installing the watme app. We have finally published The Watme app on Google Play Store:

Help us with creating a clean, fun place to meet strangers.

Watme Team.

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