Best New Dating Apps for Android Users (Free Apps)

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 Finding a good dating app, with no in-app purchases, might be challenging for many android users.On most of the hook up, and meet up apps (like Badoo, Mico etc); you have to pay even for a smallest attention. As we all know, majority of the dating app users are male, So: those social apps are filtering and eliminating male users based on this: "how much money they would spend for a date?". But what does this actually mean? Obviously, the most attractive or well-educated men would spend the least money on dating apps. Basically, they don't have to spend money to meet sexy and intelligent women. And that is why, using those apps won't help you with finding a sexy female or an attractive man.

 Check out our top 6 dating apps to meet the person you are looking for. From the "forever" kind to the friends-with-benefits.

1 - Watme

watme meet flirt intelligent people women watme

Download: https://play.google.com/store/...gme.watme

Website: http://watme-app.com

Watme is a totally free and absolutely fun dating app that especially targets intelligent people. If you want to meet someone, you have to pass a quick quiz game in 30 seconds.

When you create your profile, Watme asks you about your interests. Let's say you like rock music. When someone wants to see your sexy profile and chat, that someone has to pass a tiny rock quiz generated by Watme App. ANd if you want to meet, flirt a woman you have to pass a quiz, to prove three things:
  • a) you are intelligent
  • b) you know stuff about her interests
  • c) you spent your 30 seconds to pass the quiz, just to check her profile.

2 - Tinder

tinder watme meet people

Download: https://play.google.com/store/.../tinder

Website: http://gotinder.com

You probably know this one. It's not actually totally-free. But even thought Tinder has in-app purchases, it's still one of the best dating apps. Unlike Watme, Tinder doesn't have quizzes so it basicaly can't eliminate uneducated people. But people can text you only if you saw their photos and clicked the heart button. So even if that person is uneducated, he is most probably a well-looking uneducated person.


meeff foreigner friends

Download: https://play.google.com/store/...meeff.kr

Website: No website :(

If you are looking for someone to flirt or just chat,there are so many dating apps on play store, but MEEFF is something else. It helps koreans to meet strangers, and helps strangers to find korean friends. This one app has a really good ratio of female/male users. It has some not-that-important bugs but once it gets popular, I wonder what can stop them from groving and being one of the greatest dating apps. Unfortunately, they don't have a website yet (meeff.com doesn't work for some reason, and app.meeff.com redirects to the google play).

Watme Team.

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