How to Meet Handsome and Clever Guys

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 Finding a guy to date seems easy, since most single men are already looking for a relationship. There are even many websites telling you they can find you a guy you will surely like. But when it comes to finding a decent looking, intelligent guy, well, it may take years, if you don't know where to find them. You may think like seriously good looking guys are public properties, and you may think you are not good enough, but these are not true.

    So, is it possible to date an intelligent man on a dating app? If not, what other places you can find clever guys?  How can you know if you can trust him? Here are the answers:

1 - College

    Of course, one of the best places to meet eligible men is college. Social life in a college is huge, so it's a really good opportunity for meeting new people. Especially, making more female friends can help you with discovering more hot guys and meeting is also easy if you have a friend in common. Usually on the weekends, many college students get together and do regular activities like going to a concert, playing games etc. Social life and meeting new people is essential to the life of a college student, so if you are taking any classes, you are already at the best place to meet handsome, good looking guys, or intelligent ones.

2 - Trivia Nights

    Finding and dating smart guys doesn't have to be a torture. It can be all fun and games. A mental challenge is something intelligent men are drawn to. So create your own Trivia Game Nights and tell your female friends to each bring one intelligent guy(or more?) or hit a bar's trivia night to discover some of the impressing players. You can also sign up for some online scrabble games to show men how to spell sexy.

3 - Watme and Quora

    One of the best ways of finding handsome or clever men is being online. Quora is a great community based on asking questions and getting answers. It's community of users includes more handsome and clever men than you can imagine. So create yourself an account. Show how brilliant you are and look for some good looking members.

    There are so many online dating apps and websites. But it's really not easy to find a smart person online. Installing all the dating apps and creating tens of dating profiles will only help you with getting hundreads of "HEY" and "HI" messages. Even being as patient as a spider was one of his virtues won't be enough to figure out which "hey" is coming from a decent looking, smart guy and which "hi" is coming from a 75 years old man who is attracted to 20 years old women.

    On Watme App, men have to pass some quizzes in order to meet you. And the quiz is based on your interests. You can pick some of many quiz topics to test strangers who wants to say "HI". So you can meet your Prince Charming without even spending your hours to figure out if the person you are talking to is worth to give a second glance.

    Try Watme dating app or check watme website to meet a decent looking clever guy.

4 - GYM

    Let's face it, we all like abs. Gym in your neighboorhood is one of the best places you can check out in your search of good looking smart men. It's because if a guy is paying money to a local health club, ww can at least tell he has some concern about his health if not looks. In a gym you are quite unlikely to come across fat men or those lounging about with a week's stubble on their faces. And if you already scoured your local gym and found no man worth giving your number, or a second glance, make use of free trial memberships of other gyms around your workplace or a little further away from your neighboorgood.

Watme Team.

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